Blog 497: The Witcher 2

As a product, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings: Enhanced Edition is everything I want. A physical box, including a manual, map and soundtrack CD — a physical box with no forced ties to the internet, no useless extras but the niceties one needs. A huge singleplayer-only RPG.

I waited because, as with The Witcher, I knew this upgraded physical box would come, and come preloaded with all the extra gubbins. I want to play a finished game, not whatever incomplete lumps people tend to release first these days.

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Blog 496: Forever Accompanied at the Cinema

I think I have now been to the cinema more times in the last couple of months than I have in as many years.

But while I went to see John Carter and Wrath of the Titans alone because I was the only person on holiday, I went to see Battleship and The Raid with other people due to these being weekend and evening ventures respectively.

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Blog 495: The Elder Blogs: Skyrim

So, here we are at the modern age, having climbed up from the darkness of 1994.

I’ve been the Eternal Champion, rescuing Uriel Septim from Jagar Tharn by rebuilding the Staff of Chaos. I’ve been the random Blades agent who caused the Warp in the West, handing Numidium back to the Empire to crush those pesky warring kingdoms into line. I’ve been the Incarnate, Nerevar Reborn, ending Dagoth Ur’s evil blight and fulfilling the Bloodmoon Prophecy along the way. I’ve been the Hero of Kvatch and Saviour of Bruma, the Imperial Dogsbody who ushered in the end of the Third Era.

Now I have been the Dragonborn.

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Blog 494: Forever Alone at the Cinema

Last week, since I was on holiday the whole time and totally spent 100% of it working on Project Y4 and not playing Lego or working on LoneWiki or generally doing any other stuff at all, I decided to eat some hours by sweeping my rusty old bones to the cinema, to see John Carter in the morning of the Monday and Wrath of the Titans in the afternoon of the Friday…

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