LoneWiki: Version

LoneWikiLoneWiki has had some serious changes going on the front and under the bonnet. Bug-fixes, new features… All sorts of fun. So much fun, in fact, that it’s going up a major version number (at least I’m not like Firefox or it’d be LoneWiki by now).

Download LoneWiki version here.

As always, let me know if you find anything dodgy or would like something new!

Shortcut Keys

A fairly simple update (and one that was previously denied by a peculiarity of the .Net WebBrowser control), I have added shortcut keys to browser mode — Backspace or Alt+Left to go back and Alt+Right to go forwards (as in real web browsers and Windows Explorer).

Hide the Browser Toolbar

If you want a larger viewport area for when you’re just reading, the browser toolbar (with Edit, Back, Forward, Home and Go To controls) can now be hidden. Shortcut keys will be your primary mode of navigation if you need more than to click your own links… Or you can switch it back on again from the Options menu.

Category and Page Stylesheets

In order to allow for local changes to wiki appearance, LoneWiki now examines categories for a lonewiki.css (or other name as appropriate – see below) when choosing what sheet to apply to its display. When viewing a category, LoneWiki looks inside that category for the stylesheet; if it finds one, it uses it, otherwise it falls back to the next level and looks again, repeating until it bottoms out with the lonewiki.css from the root directory.

On top of all that, adding a stylesheet with the same name as a page (e.g. bacon.txt and bacon.css) will use that specific stylesheet for that page only.

Command Arguments

Something that will come in handy if you have more than one wiki, LoneWiki is now able to accept some command arguments that can be applied using Windows shortcuts. Append one or more of the following (modified to taste) to the Target field in the shortcut’s properties:

  • -w “C:\LoneWiki\wiki” immediately loads the given folder as a wiki (assuming it exists; otherwise the standard “Open Wiki” dialogue is displayed).
  • -h “homepage” sets the wiki’s home page to be the given page name (only for the current session).
  • -s “stylesheet.css” sets the name of the stylesheet files that LoneWiki looks for, so you can have a convenient change of colour scheme.

General Fixes

  • Global word replace no longer attempts to change page names.
  • Page renaming/recategorisation is now applied on save rather than during editing, as that was daft (not to mention it got me in a collossal programmatic fankle).

The Future

The most major changes to LoneWiki have occurred on its seedy underbelly, where you, dear user, won’t see them. I’ve seperated the program architecture into a distinct layer system — with a data layer at the bottom, a view layer for accessing that data (which also holds session history and such), and finally the user interface layer. Yes, yes, it should have been like that in the beginning, but I’ve never made a wiki before so I was running blind just trying to make it work for the first phase — now everything has settled down it’s time for refinement phase.

The idea with the view layer is that I might one day be able to implement tabbed browsing (only ten years or more behind every other browser). Using seperate views means each tab can have its own history, do its own thing, but use the same data layer and the same wiki underneath.

Another thing I’d like to explore is encrypted the wiki. Since the wiki is stored in plain text, it’s a security nightmare if you want to keep things hush-hush. I wouldn’t want to go mad with super-duper-ultra encryption, but something password-protected enough to keep out casual observers looks like a distinct possibility — and all it’ll require is subclassing the data layer!

2 thoughts on “LoneWiki: Version”

    1. It is used to make wikis, but offline and in text files. The best description I’ve ever come across is “notepad with hyperlinks”, though of course it offers a little bit more than that.


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