Blog 489: Cartography Y4

When I battled with camera-lock a few dev diaries ago, I settled on the Middle Way — but had to take the responsibility of sacrificing the minimap to achieve this end. Of course, with no way to demolish and rebuild the entire interface, this left me with an unsightly half-blank space to deal with. Luckily, a solution has presented itself.

There is also the (thematically larger, if not mechanically as important) mapping issue of the company sending a top agent into an area totally blind to its geography. Luckily the solution to that little chestnut is somewhat more obvious.
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Blog 488: The Elder Blogs: Bloodmoon

The thing that really stokes me about Bloodmoon is that it’s basically Vvardenfell in miniature, on a scale comprehensible to its players — and that means it’s possible to be a completist about it.

No tomb will be left unraided, no naked nord left standing. All of Solstheim will be mine.

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Blog 486: The Elder Blogs: Daggerfall

If Arena is the primordial soup, then Daggerfall is the pre-Cambrian explosion. You can tell they’re related, but bloody hell, the difference is astonishing. While Daggerfall is quite clearly the successor to Arena, it is also incredible leaps and bounds ahead of it — far more than the two year gap between the two games has any right to.

I don’t really know what to say about Daggerfall, though. While it is an incredible feat of strength, it is also a fairly poor and frequently broken game.

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