Blog 472: Art for Art’s Sake

Over the last eleven Wednesdays (bar one as a holiday), I attended the City of Glasgow College to further my education. I paid a fair sum for about 30 hours of art training. “Drawing for Beginners”.

I decided that, in order to further my presentation of concept art for the likes of Y4, it might be wise to learn to draw objects that actually exist before trying to articulate those that don’t.

So, I’d like to invite you in to take a look at some of the delights I produced during my education…

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Blog 471: Camlock Y4

As a purveyor of action-RPGs (if you can really call them RPGs at all), I’m interested by the limitations of Warcraft that can be overcome by camera-lock; that is, keeping the camera always centred on your hero. Knowing, and being able to guarantee, the position of the camera is a powerful thing.

But a lot of people don’t like camera-lock. So here follows a look at the pros and cons as I see them, but I want your input this time. Should Project Y4 abandon the free camera and go back to a locked camera?

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Blog 470: Puzzled

a.k.a. The Constipated Mathemagician

Drakensang: The River of Time made me do something very strange a couple of days ago. Something I haven’t done for a game in… well, a long long time.

The game presented presented me with a very particular kind of challenge. A mathematical challenge: given a set of items, the game asked that I split them up into four boxes according to a small suite of rules.

The challenge was not such a difficult one, but there were far too many numbers for me to handle it alone. I sat back, picked up a propelling pencil, and started working it out… On paper.

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