Blog 469: Drakensang: The River of Blog

a.k.a. Drakensang: I Am Still Not Disappoint

Drakensang is one of my most beloved games from recent years.

So I was pretty stoked when I heard they were making a follow-up (a prequel), and that it was described as “more of the same”. What could possibly go wrong?

Unfortunately, developer Radon Labs died and were bought by an MMO developer. While Drakensang: The River of Time did appear to get an international release, it apparently slipped out some time in January without me being any the wiser — I was under the impression that a real box edition never made it to UK retail before the company went bankrupt. Then again, it probably didn’t make it to UK retail, because I only found it when I tripped over it on Amazon t’other day.

Like my last internet purchase (Elegant Machinery’s amazing A Soft Exchange), it arrived in excellent time (so it probably was on UK soil in a warehouse… somewhere). And, like its predecessor, it is bloody gorgeous.

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Blog 468: Little Big Adventure

Little Big Adventure 2 came with our first computer, as part of the “family pack”. That was more than ten years ago. It took  a couple of tries to get into (for my brain that hadn’t quite grasped how to games yet), but once I did it was a delightful experience that just kept on giving.

So I’ve been waiting about ten years for its prequel, the original Little Big Adventure (Relentless: Twinsen’s Adventure according to some screens), to be somehow re-released so that I could bask in the series’ origins.

Just scant weeks ago, fulfulled that wish.

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Blog 467: Far Cry

Ninety-nine pence. Ninety-nine pence.

Oh glorious days of the bargain bin classics range, where did you disappear to? Digital download, no doubt. But it’s just not the same.

An entertainment shop recently opened up next to Central Station. They had original boxes of Unreal Tournament 2oo3. I can only assume they snapped up the bottoms of all the barrels and decided they could sell them. Well, I can’t talk — I went in and bought something — Far Cry. For 99p.

I also got a copy of Jean Michel Jarre’s Oxygene (lack of accents and hyphens may or may not be erroneous there) for £2.99, which is much better than £25 for the digital remaster (and that doesn’t even have bonus tracks, so nothing is lost — the mastery on this edition is bro tier anyway).

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Blog 466: Jedi Night

Star Wars: Dark Forces III: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast is a game from a bygone era. A game from before the Force was manufactured by not-quite-bacteria, from an age when the phrase “Expanded Universe” didn’t leave a bitter taste in the mouth.

I said a lot of less than complimentary things about this game in an older re-review. And, well, I still completely agree with most of my comments there — it’s not a game without foibles, and unfortunately it’s not perfect enough to have Deus Ex, Unreal Tournament or Drakensang‘s “Get Out of Criticism Free” card.

But I want to temper those comments with some love. Because for all it gets wrong, this game gets something — possibly the most important thing of all — so, so right.

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Blog 465: All Bricked Up

Relatively recently that I’ve finally reached the critical mass of Lego Star Wars sets that I’ve decided to start doing things with them (I’m a bit anal about mixing different ranges — we’re very lucky I’ve got expanded universe and original trilogy sets mixed up here).

So of a Saturday night, when it’s past bed-time but there’s still a good hour or two of the modern equivalent of Classic Dance Saturday left…

Lego is wonderful.

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