Blog 464: Nox

Nox is one of the reasons that I am.

Nox arrived during my formative years, when we got our first computer, when the world of gaming yawned wide in hour-long bursts.

Once again, there are no rose tinted spectacles here — Nox is every bit as bloody brilliant as I remember it being.

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Blog 463: Timeline Y4

I’ve been (mostly successfully) avoiding this hobgoblin bugbear for some time now — the matter of dates in Project Y4. So far, all that is important about the map’s e-mails and messages is that they are from The Past. But it seems wishy-washy and a bit of a cop-out to not set actual dates, something which would make the world feel just that little bit more real for not a lot of effort.

The first problem there is that I’ve never ever (ever) set a year for anything RDZ Industries. All I know is that it’s a vaguely alternate universe and it occurs in The Near(ish) Future.

So I decided that the best way to set a decent year would be to construct a timeline, a chain of important events leading on from now to reach that muddy period and bring it kicking and screaming into the realm of the concrete.

Warning: here follows at least two brands of Unobtanium, a blatant disregard for science, and a blistering pace of technological advancement.

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Blog 462: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles

I never actually played any Sonic games as a child; we were too poor to own a real console (the best we could get were GameBoys). Instead, I absorbed him by the collossal pile of merchandising that surrounded him — cartoons, branded clothing, all that nonsense.

So I don’t have any nostalgia about the games. Sonic 1 is, to me, a bit floppy, and Sonic 2 just feels like an embryonic version of the blue blur’s finest hour: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles. The masterwork.

I bought the Sonic Mega Collection Plus a few years ago, as a grown man. I wasn’t rediscovering the past, I was discovering something new that I had never truly experienced before.

There is no “retro” here. There is only a bloody good game.

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Guest Blog 2: Ironclad

An Excerpt from the Life of Somebody Vaguely Associated With RDZ.

Hello and welcome to the eternal glory that is the second ever guest blog.

Who the hell are you? I’m Jack (known online as Spiritfuryfire in some places). I have been mentioned on here several times before. Mostly in the context of having opinions on video games (I committed the heinous crime of enjoying Mass Effect 2). Or getting shitfaced and putting my head in a bin (if he ever mentioned that?).

What the hell is this? This is a review of Ironclad, which RDZ oh so subtly suggested might be forthcoming.

Note 1: I am going to Spoil the first half-hour or so of the film.

Note 2: This review “may” contain profanity. Where “may” means “most definitely will”.

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