LoneWiki: Version

LoneWikiAnother big pile of new features await! So many that you’ll have to read up on them after the break.

Download the new version here.

Collapsible Paragraphs

I decided that sometimes it’s nice to be able to initially hide some paragraphs. You know, for notes and asides that aren’t strictly necessary to the main flow of the article. With a little bit of javascript, this is easily possible.

Since collapsible paragraphs use the “fieldset” tag, you may wish to use the new “Default CSS” option to make sure the new properties are added to make them match everything else.

Category Updates

There have been many bug-fixes relating to categories; renaming a category does actually rename the category now, some fixes to make sure that categories and their pages don’t get seperated, a load of fixes where categories weren’t used in path calculations…

I have also changed the way category contents are listed: they are now split into (up to) three columns rather than a single column, so hopefully larger categories will now be easier to digest.


Superscript can now be used by surrounding words the ^ character.

I’ve also added a few “reset” options: you can now revert the editor font, window size (which is now stored automatically on closing, along with whether or not the window was maximised) and CSS (for the current wiki).

There is now an “Open Page Location” option in the edit mode Tools menu, which will open a Windows Explorer window with the page selected. I thought this might come in handy for easily finding the right locations for image files, among other things.

The ‘Rename’ and ‘Categorise’ buttonsĀ  now fire if you press enter when focused on their respective input boxes.

All in all: if you’re using LoneWiki, you probably want to update to this new version.

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