Blog 455: Driving Sideways

After listening to Faunts’ EP M4 on Spotify a few times too many, I reinstalled Mass Effect.

The game’s cute little tank, the Mako, has always been a controversial subject. Some people love it, some people hate it… Actually, from my experience, most people hate it.

But is their hate justified? Does it really add anything to the game? Could Mass Effect have been better without it, or did it just need a little more spit and polish?

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Blog 454: The Dreaded Fatal Error Y4

Building Project Y4 completely from the ground up was supposed to stave off the mysterious and spurious fatal errors on loading saved games that sometimes plagued This Wreckage. I assumed I had introduced some artefact along the way, since This Wreckage was built directly on RDZArena was built directly on When the Freedom Slips Away.

Alas, there is obviously something I keep doing that appears legitimate but that the game takes issue with, for during testing a few nights ago I got some fatals. This will be oh so joyous to debug…

In other news, though, the AP-AM now has available to it a raft of permanent upgrades.

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Blog 453: Cute Netbook

I never had much use for a portable computer before. I always preferred to invest in a single behemoth to squat in the corner of my room, powerful, brooding and mysterious. For all those modern games I don’t play.

Then I realised that I spend an hour every day on the bus doing absolutely nothing (and let’s not go back to grinding Donkey Kong on the GameBoy because even my levels of masochism have limits).

I got to wondering how I could make use of this down-time…

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