Blog 448: The Club

It’s not often that life gives you free games.

Digital download games, sure, but… Well, if it’s free… Okay, I’ve turned down free things before — let’s add the caveat and you’re actually interested in the item on offer

PC World launched a new digital download service t’other day. Because one of my colleagues is a master of scamming free stuff, he alerted me to the fact that the first 10,000 people to register accounts got four free games. Four free games?

Yeah. Four free games, at least two of which I actually had some interest in playing! Sounds like a deal. Digital download only, but hell, they’re free (not counting the money we’ll have to fork over for breaching our monthly data allowance, mind you).

First up: The Club

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Five Years of Excerpts

May 18, 2006. Blog I, the first Excerpt from the life of RDZ, was published on MySpace… and was terrible.

But that was five years ago. We’re past that stage now… Right?

Attend the pub with me soon and I’ll buy you a drink, dear reader. It wouldn’t be the same without you.

Blog 446: RDZWiki

As when I concentrated on This Wreckage I got a craving for sci-fi, so the focus on Project Y4 has caused stirrings of heroic fantasy. (And let’s not dive into the whole This Wreckage-is-actually-a-science-fantasy-anyway kettle o’ fish.)

Ever since I left This Wreckage behind I’ve been using bLADE Personal Wiki to organise my thoughts as I strip out anything too copyright-infringing and generally make it more cohesive and coherent, in preparation for… the future. Races, factions, places, characters, items… I don’t dedicate a lot of time to it, but now and then I think of things to add or refine.

Then I realised that bLADE Wiki doesn’t quite have all features I need anymore. And with it out of active development, the chances of getting those features are zero.

Since it isn’t open source… I realised I had to make my own personal wiki.

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