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Blog 444: The Robots Y4

I upgraded VideoPad to version 2.3 and it does have some delightful new features. Although it still wigs out and dies when you try to directly make use of Fraps-codec videos, so I still need to pass them through Windows Live Movie Maker (the horror), it is considerably improved since the previous version I had.

My favourite new feature is the overlay system — using it, I hid the Warcraft cursor that Fraps couldn’t filter out (the DroneCam system I made to do all the filming required user input for arrow key use, which meant the cursor came back. I just kept the mouse down in the empty letterbox area and painted black or subtitles over it).

Unfortunately, the overlay system seems to be not without bugs. On rendering the video, the frame-rate of the clips underneath the overlays is spuriously reduced. Alas, I couldn’t find an output format that didn’t suffer from this without sacrificing other quality aspects, so you’ll just have to make do and bloody well enjoy it.

4 thoughts on “Blog 444: The Robots Y4”

      1. Ah, about that thing, I also realized some of the mech still has a glass cockpit thing (or its their visual sensor array, I don’t know), but if you removed the cockpit, wouldn’t it be quite blocky and grey?

        Unless your paintset feature also applies to drones. WOW.


      2. The drones don’t require paint jobs because they are basically cannon fodder. Some may be given dazzle camo (and so Evasion) at some point, but no, the paint system is not applied to drones. The PMech will eventually get a sensor suite in the same manner as the XMech.


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