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Blog 441: Y4 Cancelled

It is with a heavy heart that I make this announcement, but I don’t want to string you along any more than necessary.

I cannot continue with Project Y4.


It’s not that I want to give up on Y4, or any of RDZ Industries; I’m really proud of all that I’ve managed so far. It really was going somewhere.

But my life is just too busy. I’m a working man now, eight-thirty every morning to five every night — 37.5 hours a week. Gone are the lazy days of university where I would have four or five hours a day to while away on my personal projects — I barely have two in the evening these days. And after 7.5 hours of drudgery, more work (even if it’s enjoyable work) isn’t exactly at the forefront of one’s desires.

My day is currently spent patching up a dreadful old system we inherited from a different company. I don’t want to do this forever, but right now I’m damn stuck in it and it’s taking the inevitable toll on my mental well-being (thought I’d grown out of the melancholic phase, eh? Think a-motherfucking-gain).

It’s always a bit of a drag when your profession starts to mercilessly slaughter your hobbies. I’m not entirely convinced I’m capable of enjoying anything anymore, let alone the sacrifices demanded of producing large scale artworks like Y4.

It’s Not All Bad (For You)

But there is a silver lining to every evil cumulo-nimbus cloud: I have decided that I will spread the love.

That spreading of the love will take the form of a complete upload of my HoverMechBotTypeThing directory.

This is the directory where it all began; it was the original RDZ Industries model I tried to make, back in 2004. It ended up as the RDZMech and the rest… well, that’s history.

This folder contains more than three thousand files — models, textures, both half-built and completely finished. Everything from Project Y4, a lot of scrap from Series Y3, pieces of RDZArena Y2… Pretty much everything RDZ Industries from the last few years (I obviously spare you the Series X stuff, because no man should face such terrors, and it’s been no use to me even as feedstock — it all resides on an old backup CD).

The downside is that this folder is fucking massive. If my blog was a shipping container, HoverMechBotType thing would be the harbour. The damn city containing the harbour. You can have the pleasure of sifting through the shit for the diamonds, because I can’t quite be bothered (let alone have the time for it).

So… Well, hopefully you’ll be able to make the finished RDZ Industries map I never could.

Download the complete RDZ Industries here. And enjoy it.

Please, don’t let any of this be wasted.

R.I.P. RDZ Industries, 2004-2011

Check the date of publication, son.

10 thoughts on “Blog 441: Y4 Cancelled”

  1. :(((

    a note for future: don’t do this sort of thing on april fool’s. i thought you were joking at first until i read your blag.


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