Blog 440: Y4 Teaser Trailer

By rights, this should be a video blog. I finally got round to buying Fraps.

The reason for this is that I want to show off Project Y4 in motion. No more static screenies — I can finally show you its full glory. Or rather, its heavily-edited-to-make-it-look-really-dramatic glory. But it’s cinema, so you expect a bit of embellishment.

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Blog 439: Form Defined By Function Y4

This kind of explanation is probably long overdue. You’ve probably witnessed my fluster as you criticise the RDZ Industries design philosophy; I’m not very good at responding under pressure or fast-talking, so I am usually unable to marshal the true backstory.

So here is the carefully constructed and reasonably complete account of why RDZ Industries looks the way it does.

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RDZ On Tour

I am going to Americaland to wander around a video games convention in a kilt. I will be in Boston from Wednesday 9th to Wednesday 16th, and will be attending all three days of PAX East at the weekend.

This will only be the third time I’ve ever left the dear old British Isles — the first was a searing trip to Bulgaria’s mega-resort Slanchev Briag (“Sunny Beach”), and the second was a bitterly cold stay in Iceland’s Reykjavik (Baldur’s Gate eat your heart out — Cone of Cold ain’t got nothing on Icelandic wind).

Now, having confirmed that I am, in fact, not carrying leprosy, and have never taken part in genocide (and paid $14 for the privilege), I should be able to get through customs across the pond.

But this means I’ll probably have no Internet access, so if you have any queries about the Arthstone I won’t be able to respond with “it’s a powerful artefact” (at least in a timely manner).

So… Don’t trash the place while I’m gone.

Blog 438: Bulletstorm

I was the first person to buy this game on PC from Game on Sauchiehall Street. Since it was nigh-on closing time on a Friday night, I found this somewhat unexpected.

It’s also a limited edition, which apparently gives me some palette-swaps in multiplayer. What’s the point in a limited edition if there isn’t even a standard edition on sale? I didn’t really have a choice.

Since this game is all about combo-killing and points-whoring (something I have gleefully shoehorned into all my Warcraft maps since the RDZArena), I decided to go for it.

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