Blog 436: Movie Night II

When Robbie’s parents leave him in command of the television, he naturally rises to the challenge. Indeed, this is exactly how he dealt with the problem of being home alone last time.

With his DVD collection now pushing the dizzying heights of a staggering sixteen items, he was ready to deal with anything the lonely evenings could throw at him.

The schedule included Babylon A.D., Fire and Ice and Casshern

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Blog 434: Mini-Missions and Mini-Games Y4

It was in a rather short space of time that I not only settled upon making a tutorial level for Project Y4, but managed to implement it. After adding twenty-odd triggers and more dialogue than was in the entire rest of the map, the first Project Y4 mini-mission was ready.

It was then that I thought Y4 was pretty much feature complete. Making the tutorial exposed a few problems with the mini-mission framework and I cleaned them up; fair enough. Everything is now ready.

But then I decided that I needed a Deus Ex-style keypad system. With some gentle nudging away from my silly implementation idea in favour of a much better one, a full-screen keypad was quickly completed.

Then I decided that I also needed a full-screen computer interface…

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