Blog 433: New Music

I’ve raved a lot recently about just how much new music I’ve discovered and listened to on Spotify during my long hours spent in the office.

But while I have had a number of these discoveries played more than once, there have been some I have been not only moved to desire to buy, but moved to actually buy.

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Blog 432: Icewind Dale

The final piece of the Infinity Engine puzzle is mine at last. I had been waiting for Icewind Dale to either appear in a shop or for me to finally be bothered ordering it online. Before crimbo, it appeared in a shop and I decided to add it to General Grievous’ Starfighter as part of Santa’s booty.

And now, since all those strategy games are done with…

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Guest Blog 1: Hi, I Want To Be a Staff Writer

An Excerpt from the Life of Somebody Vaguely Associated With RDZ.

I’ve mentioned Kilbirnie before; he is somewhat of a legend, an almost mythic figure in this area of the blogosphere. But he does indeed exist, and he thinks he has what it takes to be a staff writer for the Excerpts.

The problem I have with this is that it sets a dangerous precedent. If Kilbirnie gets GBlog1, then who will get GBlog2? And 3? Soon, any old riff-raff will be posting here…

Let us allow his first entry speak for itself: his review of a recent Meatloaf concert.

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Blog 431: Blog of Empires III

Age of Empires III. I never heard anything particularly good about this game, especially in comparison to its glorious predecessor; but all in all, it’s not a bad game after all. It’s just… not as good as its predecessor.

But hey; what game is?

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