Blog 430: Star Wars: Empire at Blog

The most striking thing about Star Wars: Empire at War is that it doesn’t kick seven shades of pain out of the original trilogy lore, unlike secret-Sith-apprentice-but-actually-a-pretty-cool-guy-unprecedented-force-powers-self-insert-central The Force Unleashed. Having said that, characters like Mon Mothma and Han Solo do crop up, and R2-D2 and C3-PO seem to form the entire Stealth and Infiltration division of the Rebel Alliance.

Luckily since it’s a little bit old (but not that old), it runs beautifully at maximum power. It’s a very pretty game, with all the usual dramatic Star Wars scenery. While the game itself seems a bit lacklustre in places, the expansion pack Forces of Corruption is rather satisfying…

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Blog 429: Proper Crimbo

It’s cold and dark outside — of course we need some kind of psychological crutch to help us through the winter, and what better excuse to have a giant fuck-off party? Put up the tinsel, slam on the crimbo tunes…

As a child, my main crimbo gift from Santos was invariably a Lego model. From my earliest memories of the Spyrius Mighty Mogul (is this where my love of giant robots began, or was it just a symptom of some genetic/instinctive desire?) to collecting (almost) the entire Insectoids range, I’ve been around quite a lot (though not as much as you might imagine, nor as much as I’d like). Of course, as an old man I was told in no uncertain terms to grow out of it a while back.

So it was with great delight that I cast aside all inhibitions this year and asked Santos for the bastion of bad-ass that is General Grievous’ Starfighter (8095), and it was with even greater delight that I did find it nestled beneath the tree…

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Blog 428: RDZ’s All-In-One Micro Map… Y4?

A long long time ago, I can still remember… how I made a map I called RDZ’z All-In-One Micro Map. It was small, but encompassed many game-types: RPG, tower defence, AoS… It grew up into a beautiful When the Freedom Slips Away.

It seems that, despite already being the culmination of seven years of modding a dead game, Project Y4 is determined to retrace the same old steps.

At heart, the project is a perfectly generic hack and slash RPG. But sometimes…

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Blog 427: Corruption Y4

Since I’ve now installed Warcraft III and The Frozen Throne on my work laptop, I can now progress Project Y4 during lunch hour (don’t worry, I’m a good boy and don’t touch it for the rest of the day).

But because the project is extremely art-heavy, and I can’t be bothered shipping the 1500-odd work-in-progress and reference files plus Magos’ and Wavepad and PSP7 over too, I’ve actually been playtesting and working on the actual game during this time.

This led me to discover that, horrifyingly, saved games were corrupted. A pretty little early crimbo present.

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