Blog 425: Deus Ex in the Dark

Every time I replay Deus Ex, I want to mod it. There’s something so incredibly inspiring about it, especially when it’s played with the lights down and no distractions.

Of course I have attempted to mod it before; I’ve made levels, imported conversations, made a “Fake Dragon’s Tooth” that did very little damage… I know most of the ins and outs of getting generic things done. Or I can find out (again) from the glorious repository that is Steve Tack’s Deus Ex Lab, a link that is never out of my bookmarks.

One day, I will do something for Deus Ex. Until then, however, I can only dream…

Vague spoilers probably ensue, but don’t worry, I’m not giving up on Project Y4. This is just thinking aloud.

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Blog 424: Venetica

Distributed by the same people that distributed Drakensang, Venetica is another delightful RPG from Germany — though this time it’s more hack ‘n’ slash and less Baldur’s Gate. But this is no bad thing, for each style has its place.

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Blog 423: Butterfly, Butterfly — A-ha Live 2010

Oh, A-ha, why did you have to produce your best album since Scoundrel Days only to so cruelly tear yourselves away? You didn’t even come to Scotland for the Foot of the Mountain tour last year, and yet you surely would have sold out just as this year’s finale did (and well in advance).

Oh, A-ha. I love you, but it seems ours is a love that is doomed to languish in the past…

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Blog 422: Y4 Gives You More

Project Y4 is becoming quite a hot-bed of variety. As if a completely bog-standard hack and slash RPG wasn’t enough for the main game, now the procedurally-generated maze hacking mini-game is integrated nicely…

Unfortunately, due to some space constraints I had to increase the map size to 256×256 (the maximum possible, up from 192×192) a while back. This has left me with rather a lot of unsightly empty spaces.

Something really must be done about this appalling state of affairs.

No, RDZ does not wall things off and pull the wool over your eyes. He would never be so cheap.

RDZ makes additional content.

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Blog 421: New Blogs, New Toys — OMD Live 2010

It’s not often that a band who are consistently brilliant live manage to surpass themselves; but regardless of the logistics of how they managed it, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark delivered a stellar performance on Tuesday the 2nd at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, in aid of their new album History of Modern.

My legs hurt. My arms hurt. My damn midriff hurts. These, however, are the hallmarks of an absolutely bangin’ night.

With holidays taken so that I could prepare in style by listening to their entire back catalogue, the evening couldn’t come soon enough. A proper concert is one of the few things in my life I can actually get properly excited about.

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Blog 420: The Blog Unleashed

Or “The Expanded Universe Unleashed”. Or “The Author Self-Insert Unleashed”.

I had to pretty much crawl on my knees like a dog to survey the pitiful PC game selection at Game, but at least they had a single full-height wall rack (even if the top was padded by being the top ten chart) instead of the five games stuck on the end of the counter I found last time.

There wasn’t much to look at, and I’m not particularly interested in Fallout: New Vegas (could be a candidate for a cheap GOTYE once they stop releasing DLC, though… call me in two years) or StarCraft II or any god damn MMO, so this one game that looked almost like it might be worth playing was a hard-won victory. And I’m well over-due some playing instead of modding.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition. I dread the Expanded Universe, especially when it dares to stamp all over the glorious films that do actually exist as this one so gleefully does. For some reason, I still picked this game up and braced myself for impact.

Some spoilers ensue, but the terrifying implications the plot applies to the original trilogy will remain unprinted.

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