Blog 415: A Working Man

Some of you might have heard that I’ve finally achieved a real job. Maybe you’ll even be distressed because I’m not working very much on things like Project Y4, due to being out from half seven in the morning until six at night.

The thing about slaving away at a computer all day is that I don’t have access to my CD collection. Since the ‘done thing’ appears to be to make use of Spotify to while away the 7.5-hour working day (and, let’s face it, somebody else is paying for the internet connection), I’ve been taking this opportunity to discover all the strange music I’ve never been able to find in the shops (or have been wary of purchasing)…

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Blog 414: The Enemies of Y4

The staple opponents in Project Y4 are subverted RDZ Industries mechs with AI drone controllers instead of human pilots.

That doesn’t mean, however, that I can’t show you some fresh designs, some fresh takes on common designs, and some you’ve never seen before…

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Blog 412: Prime Suspect Y4

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, I made an Optimus Prime model for Warcraft III.

Prime was never finished because I never found a texturer (the UV map was actually a horror anyway). But I’m big on reuse and recycling; so I thought to myself, “how can I shove this into Project Y4…?”

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