Blog 411: Movie Night

My parents were on holiday for the last week. The most important thing about this is that it gave me complete control of the television; something I don’t normally get. When I say “normally”, I mean “ever”. The last time we watched a film I wanted to see…

Unfortunately, the television this week was utter balls.

But I’m a man of action. I developed a counter-measure… A week of unparalleled cinematic action. Or trashy action films; take your pick. The schedule included The Expendables, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, Centurion and Outlander. Plot spoilers have been successfully avoided!

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Blog 410: Gimmick Mountain Zone Y4

Sometimes you just want to implement fun things that have no impact on gameplay. But they make the player feel good… Right?

Let’s face it, Starcraft II is just a clone of the original with added gimmicks like cliff-jumping and a campaign unit that can shoot while moving. Oh my!

Okay, maybe they did add to the gameplay (in a gimmicky way), but they were still gimmicks (even though certain other RTS titles that did actually advance the genre a little bit (at least in terms of interaction and unit control) took shooting-while-moving as a beautiful given).

So… forget all of that. Let’s look at the useless gimmicks I’m looking to implement/have implented for Project Y4.

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Blog 409: Swansong Y4

Since I now own Starcraft II and seem set to move to it as a modding platform, I want to give Warcraft III the true send-off it deserves for its seven years of hard service.

I want to do something that I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to do for pretty much the length of that time. Something that I re-attempted quite recently, and then… surreptitiously dropped.

I am going to bring RDZ Industries to Warcraft III. And this time, I will not fail.

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Blog 408: Unreleased Material

Yesterday I turned 22. Yesterday I bought the extended and remastered versions of A-ha’s first two albums, Hunting High and Low and Scoundrel Days with some gift money.

The selection of unreleased material is absolutely jaw-dropping incredible.

My life just got a little more complete.

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