Blog 407: DA:O:A: Expansion Pack

I thought that, with the advent of downloadable content packs, true expansion packs were dead in the ground. Then people like Fallout 3 and Borderlands started releasing DLCs on CD. Then Dragon Age: Origins released an actual expansion pack.

Dragon Age: Origins: Awakening continues the story (and suffers title-stack almost as bad as Star Wars: Dark Forces III: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast… There’s actually some abiguity on the box; could it be Dragon Age: Awakening: Origins? Dragon Age: (Origins) Awakening?) of the main game, while doing the usual add-loads-of-new-spells-and-items-to-justify-my-existence thang. There are some new characters, too.

I’ve heard conflicting reviews about this expansion pack, hence my holding off for so long. But it seems to be sitting at £12.99 for the duration, so I bit the bullet and picked it up. So I don’t have to buy a compilation in ten years.

Spoilers for Dragon Age: Origins itself inevitably ensue, as well as minor ones for the expansion.

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Blog 406: The South

The Beautiful South are described, in the promotional literature, as a “Great British Pop Institution”. Now, I’m not convinced that is a flattering thing to say, since establishment types tend to be pretty dull.

But when your parents offer you a free concert, and you are of the mind that live music is (in fact) live music, it would be churlish to refuse.

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Blog 405: All the Bloggers

I visited a while back for… no reason, really. Some part of my body clock registered that “it’s probably time for her next album, right?”

I was greeted by a five-second loop from the song All the Lovers. Surprisingly not a vocal segment (her being a vocalist and all), but the sweetest synthesiser this side of the lead on Kraftwerk’s Kometenmelodie 2.

Naturally, I was sold.

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Blog 404: Invisible Sequel

Deus Ex has no sequel. It really doesn’t. It might, might just have a prequel in a little while. But it most definitely has no sequel.

So why did I feel the urge to replay Invisible War, and finally give in to it? It’s hard to imagine how one could go so wrong after the triumph that was Deus Ex, and next to the very solid continuation of the Thief franchise in Deadly Shadows.

I played this game once, and once only. “It can’t be that bad,” I thought in the shop. “Somebody will have modded it to be like the real Deus Ex,” I thought. Oh no. It was that bad, and there was no editor.

So here follow, in no particular order, a number of gripes. Sadly, these are by no means everything that is wrong with Invisible War. Spoilers are almost guaranteed to ensure, but really, they don’t matter because they’re for a game that doesn’t exist. Spoilers for Deus Ex may ensue by accident, but they don’t matter because you already know the game inside-out.

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