Blog 403: Graduation

So after spending four years slaving away at a degree, the university finally gave me the piece of paper that makes it real (inside a toilet-roll tube).

Of course, being an ancient university steeped in ridiculous tradition, this isn’t just a matter of them posting it to you. No. You’ve got to get it at a ceremony.

On Friday, Rao Dao Zao became Rao Dao Zao B.Sc. Hons.

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Blog 402: The Greatest Miner in the Galaxy

Mass Effect 2 is a conflicted soul; the game made so many advances in so many ways, and yet took astounding backward leaps in others. More like it took a jump to the left instead. It went diagonally, in the best case.

With the release of patch 1.02 (finally I can play offline and have all my DLC active — thanks lads, I thought that was a horrible DRM trick rather than a bug), I am finally returning to this game to try out bonus free DLC such as the Firewalker pack. No, I am not buying Kasumi (five minutes long, from all I’ve heard) nor Overlord (which just sounds a bit floppy — come back Pinnacle Station, all is forgiven).

Just how well does the game stand up to a second play? (And is the lateness of this second play indicative of the game’s ultimate mediocrity?)

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Blog 400: I Wrote a Million Words

Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. 150-odd thousand words before the move to WordPress, at Blog 369. Add another 31 entries, and that probably makes little difference… Another 10k? I know I can be quite windy at times, but am I really that windy?


— Helios, Deus Ex

So, 400 Excerpts from the Life of RDZ.

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Blog 399: Doubt

I waited a long time for Starcraft II. It looked so promising, and considering my experiences with the editor so far during the beta, it really is. But there are murmurings surrounding the massive pile of intrusive DRM and data-mining systems that is Battle.Net 2.0 that have made me question whether I really want to support this game at all.

Could it really be back to Warcraft III, after all this?

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