Blog 397: Lego Model

Everybody loves Lego. But as a grown-up, I’m not allowed to buy it anymore.

But I want it. And in times of stress, such as exam season, I want it more. As if my desk isn’t cluttered enough with Transformers and the Tails plushie…

When my parents go to the supermarket every Saturday, I get asked if I need anything. Face cleanser, deoderant, bacon, that kind of thing. As I’ve grown so much more audacious recently, it became a running “joke” for me to reply “a Lego model.”

Ho ho ho. I’m such a kidder. Remember, kids, RDZ tells no lies.

And then two weeks ago, on the day of the DEMMS exam, I came down to lunch to discover a little model waiting for me. This made me very happy inside; so I rushed home from the exam to build it. It was only a small one, but now it’s something else to fiddle with during those long loading screens. It’s so kawaii.

8122: Desert Viper

Alas, it came with a small catch. The model is designed to be combined with another model from the same range; another racing car to allow one to build an even bigger racing… thing. So the next week, being the sucker for dire marketing ploys that I am, I had to ask, “Can you get me the matching one?” Fooled by the excuse of not wanting to leave my children with the tantalising last half of the instructions for the combo model, and not just a terrible ploy to snag me even more Lego, they acquiesced.


But it was not to be. The counterpart was not to be had. My plan failed, I did not pass Go, did not collect ’em all. I had to resign myself to being forever without the combo model. Forever taunted by the last few instruction steps. As a completist whore, this is like a dagger to my heart. This is the worst punishment — knowing that there is content that I can never see.

But then this morning, hauling myself out of bed at twelve o’clock after a hard night’s dancing at the bonus 10-hour Cheesy Pop (I couldn’t stay the course), I was met by… the counterpart! They had not forgotten, they had seen it on the shelf this week (the last one of its kind), and it was purchased. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy. The day was saved!

8119: Thunder Racer
Robbie destroys all the things he loves.

The magic happens, and suddenly, a brand new combo model is born!

Thunder Viper? Desert Racer? Viper Racer? Desert Thunder?

I luff it. And thank goodness for the super-macro function on my camera. Thank goodness it still works after years of inactivity. I hope you enjoyed this more visual trip into the world of RDZ.

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