Blog 396: Over

I’ve been in full-time education since I was five years old.

Today, that era comes to a close with the last exam of this year, this degree, and hopefully my life.

I mean… Shit just got real. (Assuming I’ve passed, that is.)

I can’t say I’ve really enjoyed all my time learning. I mean, yeah, most of it felt all right at the time; but in hindsight I hated school and third and fourth year of uni have been a real drag. Third year was tough and full of team projects, and fourth year has been exceptionally dull (except for one lecturer… kachunk, whoosh). Graduation occurs on June the 25th, and that’s it.

My plan is to get a normal job while I build up my portfolio of wonderful maps and mods, then deal with getting the ‘dream job’ after that.

This is a Very Big Thing, so I’m a little bit nervous. Advancement through the ranks of education was basically pre-ordained; brother and sister did it, so dutiful little me did it too. I didn’t think, I just drifted into it. But now it’s over, and there is no set path — there is no convenient next stage job to waltz in to. The top tier has been reached, and now there’s an even bigger mountain to climb… And there aren’t any hand-holds this time.

Tales of the Sword Coast

As a leaving present to mark the end of all things I bought myself Baldur’s Gate. Yes, I already own Baldur’s Gate — I bought it a frightening nine years ago, but at the time I didn’t know it had an expansion pack and I didn’t buy the expansion; just the main game. It’s a classics-mode box anyway, so the expansion probably wasn’t even available alone by then.

It’s hard to imagine that I could even begin to appreciate such an incredible game at age 12… And to be honest, it did take a few years to sink in. I remember buying it quite vividly, and the guy behind the till telling me it was good and “a very long game”. Nowadays I would have been capable of counter-banter (“Would you like to buy a game controller?” “No thanks, I’m a mouse-and-keyboard man.”), but back then… I was a very small boy. You know you’re getting old when you’ve owned games for almost half your total life-span. And shit, that proportion can only get bigger…

So I ordered a double-pack including expansion for a £6.49 from the Internet (cheaper than buying a complete BG1&2 pack, since I do own 2 and its expansion), so that at last I would own the complete Baldur’s Gate saga and not the saga with a lump missing. Even if it’s not a particularly plot-relevant lump.  That will be this summer’s entertainment… To console me while I hunt for jobs.


It’s party time. Bonus 10-hour Cheesy Pop this friday; do join us.

Would you like a drink?

2 thoughts on “Blog 396: Over”

  1. You write in your own blog, which makes you some kind of writer. You make excellent maps. You are a dedicated gamer. And the stories you made for those maps were excelent. Rdz, i personally don’t know you, and i would like to. But i saw your work, and man, you really have a brilliant future ahead of you. I have faith in you, and i know that you’ll be successfull… you could be an exellent gamemaker.
    Good luck in life 🙂


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