Blog 398: Return to the Sword Coast

I had been waiting so long for this. Finally achieving Planescape: Torment a while back gave me the insatiable urge to revisit all things Infinity Engine, but I was somewhat hampered by… oh, sundry concerns like the last exams ever, nothing important.

As I mentioned before, Baldur’s Gate‘s expansion pack was to be my own little leaving present. With all the trifling concerns out of the way, I started playing it.

I was going to begin by saying that I don’t remember Baldur’s Gate being this short; then I realised that over a single day of solid playing I crammed in about ten hours’ worth of time… Repeat this for about four days. Compared to the ‘half hour a day’ that would have been in effect when I first got the game, which would have cause it to take a considerable length of time to finish… Then again, on my first playthrough I managed to take up about 365 days of in-game time too.

This time I was a little bit more savvy, and my party micromanagement skills were somewhat improved (though still pretty sloppy). It only took half a year to comb most of the landscape, bringing all party members up to the expansion-improved experience cap of 161000.

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Blog 395: True Scotsman

It would be rude not to report on the proceedings of the 1st of May, since arrangements for said event have dominated dinner-time conversation for the last year or so. I speak of my sister’s marriage to a Canadian. She is gone now; she lived her life like a candle in the wind, etc etc etc. There was a massive dinner and then ceilidh where a neighbour to whom I had never actually been introduced kept conspiring to add me to the dance floor… Okay, everyone was pretty well oiled by this point (despite hotel drinks prices).

But you, dear reader, are probably more interested in the fact that they had me wearing a kilt.

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