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Blog 392: Did I Mention

… That is was exam season? I probably did.

This is why I haven’t, say, started replaying Baldur’s Gate as I desired to. There is also a considerable backlog of Mass Effect 2 Cerberus Network content that I have yet to experience (not to mention I need to complete the game without losing anyone… or Kelly ;_;).

So what have I been doing instead of studying?

A Personal Wiki

I like wikis. They’re quite handy things. Now, I don’t have any webspace anymore ( expired yesterday, apparently) and anyway, I wouldn’t want you lot reading all the plot-spoilers that would inevitably suffuse such a big thing as a wiki. So I started poking around for offline wikis… And no, running a local PHP server with a standard MediaWiki was not really an option.

So I started casting about for personal offline options, and ended up with something called bLADE Wiki. It’s not as complex as MediaWiki, but I don’t really need all that complexity anyway; just quick editing, links to other pages, possibly images. It’s quite a nice little thing. I settled on this one because it has no installation (I am paranoid about things leaving behind registry entries these days, especially for non-essential gubbins such as this) and no dependencies; other options were self-contained self-modifying HTML files (apparently this is possible), but the thought of storing my entire wiki in a single self-modifying HTML file kind of scares me. Well, JavaScript was involved, but you know what I mean.

Why do I need a wiki? Because, as some of you might be aware, When the Freedom Slips Away and This Wreckage have some abominable plot inconsistencies (please don’t comment them here, I know what they are), not to mention being festooned with Warcraft copyright infringements. So the plan is to put everything into a shiny little wiki, where I can fill in all the terrible holes and squidge creature names until they don’t match anymore, and there is some semblance of internal consistency that is impossible to achieve when dealing with a fuck-off massive Warcraft map. And I need to add guns. And dinosaurs. And high-poly bosoms and buttocks.

Along with all the lore, I also need to start writing down all the gameplay mechanics I’d love to see when I it happens for real. Did I mention it was basically Deus Ex? Anyway; it’s just a little personal project, nothing at all will come of it until I win the lottery and can finance my own studio.

Insert witty end-of-blog punch-line here.

And you tell me...

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