Blog 389: Commence the End Sequence

Yep, I just had my last lecture. Ever. Of my entire life.

This is worthy of note because I have been in full time education since I was about five, and there was a bit of nursery before that.

To quote the findings of a previous entry, I know the end sequence has begun because shit is getting real.

This is the beginning of the end of that colossal game they call Education.

The schedule is tight. With the end of the lectures comes the final stages of the solo project; finishing the report, doing the presentation, and handing that shit in. The deadline is the 26th (finally, I will be able to clear all that haptic bullshit off my computer and get rid of that damn Falcon).

After that, it is the calm before the storm as exam season approaches. The final boss of university.

I’m scared.

1 thought on “Blog 389: Commence the End Sequence”

  1. Remember, this is the end of the game, the suicide mission. Any one of your friends could die between now and graduation depending on your choices.


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