Blog 388: Mouse 3

Some of you might remember my mouse problems from a while back. You know, the five-odd-year-old Dell standard mouse that wasn’t very sensitive from Blog 372?

Well, the new mouse is… Err… Okay, it’s not a new mouse, it sat in the cupboard for at least a year… Anyway, it’s dud. Broken.

I get the impression that it’s actually been broken for quite a while, but I only made the connection a few days ago. This mouse is actually quite painful to use.

I mean, a wee while back I sort of noticed it was a bit strange to use, but I just put that down to it being a slightly different shape from the old one and me holding it wrong. Yes, yes, I have a habit of blaming myself for weeks before considering that it might actually be a hardware problem.

Turns out that the left button was totally smashed; in order to click, serious pressure had to be applied. Whereas, the right button would click on the tiniest perturbation. This caused my hand some considerable distress.

So now I’ve got a shiny new mouse that actually works, I’ve gotten used to having to start clicking before the pointer has actually reached an icon… So my precision is all over the place (again).

Maybe now I’ll be good at FPSes again.

Then again, maybe I should actually play an FPS. After being all up in the Planescape: Torment (check my new avatar, if it’s updated itself here yet), I’m all up in the Drakensang and after that I want to replay Baldur’s Gate before attempting to mod it and Torchlight is coming out in the shops soon as a proper boxed game, then there’s the Mass Effect 2 nerfed-Mako DLC, then the StarCraft II beta is meant to be applying the editor at the end of April so I need to buy a beta key off E-bay or something and uni finishes in two weeks and I’ll need to start applying for jobs and…


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