Blog 385: Useless

RDZ does not get ill.

When RDZ sneezes, it is because there is dust in the air. When RDZ coughs, it is because some bitch smoker is walking too slowly in front of him. When RDZ is sick, it is because he has drunk too much the night before. When RDZ does not eat, it is because he is not hungry.

I didn’t get much sleep on Sunday night; I lay awake for basically the entire night with a bit of a temperature, dreaming of how Unreal 3 would be if only Epic would hire me as lead writer/creative director (it would be awesome, drawing together everything from all the games for a massive inter-stellar romp. Though I might quietly ignore UT3‘s stuff). Along with the obligatory how-would-When The Freedom Slips Away/This Wreckage-look-as-a-real-game stuff.

But I’m strong. I can withstand unplanned temperature variances. I continued as normal.

On Tuesday, I dragged myself out of bed for a 9am lecture only to find it had been cancelled — lecturer had diarrhoea, of all things (and thought it best to tell us this via e-mail… But nobody checks their e-mail before 9am lectures). This meant sitting about fot a considerable length of time until my next lecture at 1pm.

During which I promptly threw up.

No, not all over the theatre, RDZ has a sixth sense when it comes to predicting chunder and he made it safely to the toilets. I thought it best to head home after this, and spent the rest of the day in bed.

As I’m sure you’re well aware, RDZ never gives up (never lets down, etc etc etc), so I dragged myself out of bed for the next 9am lecture… And tried to be sick during that too. Okay, maybe I’m not currently experiencing sub-optimal conditions, maybe it’s just Ron Poet that’s making me sick — it’s too much of a coincidence to get an involuntary attempt to empty the stomach in the wrong direction twice in the same class. So back home again to spend all day in bed.

I’m kind of hoping it’s the Deadly Second Coming of the Swine Flu so I can be the harbinger of your genetic destiny, but my mum thinks it’s plain old imaginatively-named winter vomiting virus.

Timing is everything. Shit is getting real all over university, with coursework deadlines looming and my first solo project evaluation (with an actual blind person). Raw down-time is not factored into my time management systems. Game-time is factored. Internet-time is factored. Modding time is factored.

But not down-time. RDZ does not sit in bed all day doing absolutely nothing. This is wrong. Sleep during the day achieves nothing. RDZ does not stop moving. Now I might have to do something at the weekend.

Fucking rage.

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