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Blog 378: Alpha Beta Gamma

Some of you might have noticed the This Wreckage button that has appeared on the navigation bar above the blog. You might also have noticed it was password protected for a while, because according to my blog stats quite a lot of you have clicked on it since it appeared.

This page is, naturally, in preparation for This Wreckage Version Gamma, which is, as I’m sure you’re all aware, still under construction. Since RDZNet has been empty and useless for a considerable period of time, I have decided to wind it down. There are 95 days left on the domain, but the site has been pared down to little more than a redirection to here.

My deviantART account is now the home of RDZ Industries artwork (really, it has been for a long time — I’m just making it official now), and pages attached to this blog will take over the reins for This Wreckage-related material. Since the scoring setup of version Gamma is different from that of the original release, and the entire map has been rebalanced in a number of score-affecting ways, old score-sheets have not been transferred.

But you won’t need to register here in order to post a score, so I’m sure this arrangement will be ultimately superior. Just drop in, drop your sheet, and disappear again. Which is what everyone did at RDZNet anyway; except there passing strangers had to leave loads of unsightly one-post accounts.

The address will be How bad-ass is that? Unfortunately, I encountered one slightly dickish feature of WordPress that necessitated the “protected” status of the page for the first weeks of its existence.

A “page” can be published in one of three ways:

  • Private: accessible only by direct URL
  • Protected: appears on the bar but requires a password
  • Public: appears on the bar and everyone can get there

You might have expected me to put it as “private” while still working on it, and that is indeed the option I chose first. Unforunately, private pages cannot seem to have children — and nor can draft pages, so I couldn’t even leave it unpublished and quietly arrange things to my liking.

If a page is a child, I can get addresses such as If a page isn’t a child, then it appears as a direct descendent of the home, which is terribly unsightly. And naturally, I want to avoid things being unsightly (my writing is bad enough, you think to yourself).

Then I realised that I could just leave that page as a blank and construct the actual page privately elsewhere, then paste it in once it was ready. Sometimes I just don’t think straight, okay?

You can at least take this as a positive sign that work is still being undertaken. I just completed my second playthrough of Borderlands as the Siren (made so pleasing by the unlocking of the hidden 3rd person mode, except when my guns sometimes stopped producing projectiles while it was active), so I do have some “free time” again. It was a very easy playthrough, as I surfed ahead of the level requirements for most of the quests by accidentally farming the low-level achievements in the early stages.

You skag!

Rao Dao Zao, all the damn time

Long story short, This Wreckage Gamma is undergoing more testing. I just recently cracked a bug that had actually been floating around since day zero… Apparently the intro cinematic trigger didn’t run the same trigger when you skip as when it ended legitimately; so the skip trigger didn’t switch itself off until you hit escape later, causing madness and re-running of (some of) the code that finishes off the intro. I’m such a silly goose.

I was floating around the mess of folders where all the artwork resides, looking for ways to implement a couple last minute new enemies, but I can’t find any quick edits or recolours to do that would actually work. Everything’s a big job now, and I don’t want to commit to something large this late in the day; apparently I hoovered up all the easy edits years ago. There are only so many models you can quietly re-map to the Thunder Lizard skin.

Not long now, though.

EDIT: While we’re on the subject of This Wreckage‘s new home, are there any things you’d like me to write articles about? I am considering adding general interest or explanation items, so if you’ve any ideas then let me know. Maybe you want to know about the darkness hack? How the item stacking works? I won’t put anything too plot-spoilery up, though.

2 thoughts on “Blog 378: Alpha Beta Gamma”

    1. The “darkness hack” is how one turns off the lights for the inner mountain. It’s not really a hack, but I call it one because it involves Jass.


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