Blog 369?

Growing increasingly annoyed with MySpace’s attempts to turn itself into the dreadful mire of cognitive overload and general poop that is Bookface, I’ve finally decided to cut my losses and get out while I still can.

I tried to be loyal. While my blog and even my profile remain as they were in the beginning, my home page control panel was becoming increasingly confusing and alien as more and more Book-esque functionality was shoehorned into the crush of flash adverts that crash the browser, pushing all the familiar controls into most foul and unnatural contortions.

Long story short — goodbye MySpace. I loved you, and I tried to keep loving you, but you’ve blown it this time. Forgive me.

Hello, then, WordPress. You have the air of vague professionality and offer plenty of shiny gubbins to entice meĀ  in.

The history of the Excerpts is more potted than this anyway. It all began on Torch’s Domain, more than three years ago — he was a cool guy running a Warcraft project, I was still young and happy-go-lucky and hadn’t lost my faith in humanity (three times over), and he started up his own website. He was a budding web developer, you see, and he was constructing his own forum system (amongst other things). This included… Horror of horrors, a blogging system.

I think I’ve always been a shameless self-publicist, but I hadn’t much acted upon it until then. I started by posting one-line, two-line, teensy little entries accompanied by pictures of the latest RDZ Industries models. Once per day, because I was seriously enthusiastic.

Nothing interesting was said, but either way, Torch kept updating and changing his site and most of its inhabitants flew the coup. One cannot blog without an audience, my dear.

Now I had a left-over MySpace profile from when I was really young, we’re talking third or fourth year of school — when social networking was new and exciting, and we all signed up during one computing class. I don’t know how or why, but I started blogging there instead on the 18th of May 2006.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Three long years later, and it is over between us.

It is time for the Excerpts to begin anew.

2 thoughts on “Blog 369?”

    1. Indeed, and that is another thing that informed my decision. Alas, all comments are moderated (and I can’t find a setting to disable moderation) so I must apologise now for any delay in your posts appearing.


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