Blog 371: The Blogging Principle – Gary Numan LIVE 2009

Those Pleasure Principle tickets had been sitting on my for months. When I get a whiff of a concert, I damn well get my oar in as soon as possible (and in the case of Ultravox’s Return to Eden tour, I placed my order under a minute after they went on sale). Of course this leaves a lot of time for tension to build.

So Gary Numan played The Pleasure Principle at the ABC last night (which has been remodelled, and no longer has a cloakroom?!).

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Blog 369?

Growing increasingly annoyed with MySpace’s attempts to turn itself into the dreadful mire of cognitive overload and general poop that is Bookface, I’ve finally decided to cut my losses and get out while I still can.

I tried to be loyal. While my blog and even my profile remain as they were in the beginning, my home page control panel was becoming increasingly confusing and alien as more and more Book-esque functionality was shoehorned into the crush of flash adverts that crash the browser, pushing all the familiar controls into most foul and unnatural contortions.

Long story short — goodbye MySpace. I loved you, and I tried to keep loving you, but you’ve blown it this time. Forgive me.

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