This Wreckage

As His Majesty the Emperor’s Expedition Force sets down on the shores of a mysterious continent, dark forces are already waiting…

This Wreckage is a massive singleplayer action-adventure RPG map for Warcraft III: the Frozen Throne. Version Gamma is compatible only with version 1.24+ of Warcraft III, due to additional engine features added to the game in that version.


  • Left arrow: rotate camera <-
  • Right arrow: rotate camera ->
  • Up arrow: zoom in
  • Down arrow: zoom out
  • Escape: skip cinematic / reset camera to default
This WreckageThis WreckageThis WreckageThis Wreckage
This WreckageThis WreckageThis WreckageThis WreckageThis WreckageThis WreckageThis WreckageThis Wreckage
This WreckageThis WreckageThis WreckageThis Wreckage

Post your end-game statistics as a comment on the scoreboard, and if you’re the best you might just be crowned Champion! Please note that all comments are moderated and may take some time to appear on this page (comments that attempt to reveal high-level secrets will not be published).

Need a helping hand? See if one of the following pages has the answer. (Note: they contain spoilers.)

No? Then leave a comment below — I’m always happy to drop a hint for those in need. However, if you need spoiler-tastic help that we don’t want splashed all over this page, please contact me privately. I don’t bite!

If you liked This Wreckage, remember to try out its prequel, When the Freedom Slips Away — and if you want more of the same but in space and with robots, check out Project Y4.

You might also be interested in the multiplayer technological testbed, RDZArena, and if you want a bit of laugh, check out these lost projects from across the ages, some of whose ideas lived on in This Wreckage.

369 thoughts on “This Wreckage

  1. I’ve finished This Wreckage and here are my scores(no cheating):
    -43 quest completed: +8600 pts
    -1420 gold saved: + 710 pts
    -1521 wild animals killed: +7605 pts
    -96 crit strikes: +1920 pts
    -Final weapon is Dragon’s Tooth: +3200 pts
    -Final shield is Feral Shield: +2800 pts
    -114 double kills: +11400 pts
    -33 triple kills: +13200 pts
    22 multi kills: +18700 pts
    -4 ultra kills: +5800 pts
    -2 mega kills: 4400 pts
    -14 secret seashells found: +1400 pts
    -Became Anthony’s fan: +1000 pts
    -Claimed Erika’s heart: +1000 pts
    →Total points: 82835 pts
    Total play time: 8:34:14
    Total time looked for answers on comment pages: 1:30:00 ;)

    • No, I’m afraid not. Obviously I can’t speak Vietnamese (or any other language) to oversee the finished result, so English is the way it has to be.

      Also, there are also thousands of words of dialogue and tooltip, I’m not sure you quite realise what you’d be signing up for. :P

      • Oh I see, thanks for reply, anyway I need your help. I’m stuck in the north cave, I found both secret place in the cave temple but no help, the second hole with the lightning lizard (Koto or something) I coudn’t break the rock blocking the path, what should I do now? And where can I find the master smith?

      • The Koto is part of a side quest for Erika, Unofficial Duties… 3 I think, can’t quite remember. Schmooze Erika and she’ll eventually send you to meet an angry man in the mountains and he’ll ask you to get something from the Koto. The rocks will then clear self-consciously before your next visit.

        The Master Smith is surely Kagrenac, who lurks in the south-west corner of the main temple compound. You can’t miss his smithy, there are volcanic vents that carpet the ground in thick green smoke.

      • If by “passing the cave” you mean the giant locked doors, there are some suspicious-looking obelisks in the same room. This is a common problem, so check the FAQ.

        Once you’re through that door, if you’ve talked to the Imprisoned Sword, then the rocks covering his answer will be cleared.

  2. The map is fantastic! But I need your help… I am looking for Mur’gul’s base (Quest Annex) for almost 3 hours and I can’t find it. Can anyone help?

      • Thanks! I don’t know how I could miss it… I’m sure I’ve visited that place plenty times (btw. that’s north-west corner :D).

        Finally! I’ve finished the map! Sadly I had to use whosyourdaddy on the Five :( I don’t know how it is possible to kill him :> I had all allies, all of them but one have armor at least +40, sword at least +200 (but also 220, 240, 280). I have done 43 quests. Damn Lost Captain :) It has taken 9h 23min of my life… Definitely worthy it :D

        I am repeating… but it is fabulous, amazing, breathtaking… No word can describe the map. I wish you created Warcraft IV campaign :D

        Cheers from Poland :D

      • Hehe, I think the escort quests might all have fallen a little on the difficult side. You just have to be careful and take it slowly. Five, well… The most effective things against him are spells so you need to stack up the mana potions (and health potions, he can hit hard) and whale on him as much as you can.

  3. Hey, just wanted to add that i’ve got it.

    I had both the Glyph blade parts AND the obsidian cube on me at the time i spoke to Kag, which caused the double-cutscene bug.

    • Ha! There’s always something I never consider. Here was me slaving over all the cinematics that occur too close together tripping over each other, and there’s a bona fide double-trigger right there… Woof.

      Anyway, the map’s too old for any fixes now, so we’ll just have to put it down to experience. As long as you’re having fun regardless, that makes it all right? :)

  4. Hi! I’ve encountered a bug while playing This Wreckage (for the second time).

    I was heading out from the mountain caves to speak with the Agents about the Five, and noticed i still dont have the Glyph blade reassembled, so i decided to pay the smith a visit. Now, somewhere between the murgul dungeon and the smith, my companions teleported away!

    They are now in a small fire pit (a test area i think, it has the guitarist and various npcs in it) in the north-western area of the map and they can’t get out. My last save is from like 30 min before that, before some heavy fighting (including the arthstone and obsidian blade bosses!) in the mountain caves/temple.

    What do i do?

    • Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do but reload. It’s a bug that can happen if two cinematics manage to fire on top of each other — the game hides the units by moving them away to this holding pen, and then remembers their position; when a second cinematic starts, they’ll remember their position as being in the pen and they’re gone for good. (Also worth noting, there’s another late-game ally bug: if you hire Vvayl before doing the Tomb of Anak’hul, he’ll be paused forevermore.)

      There is a point half-way through the finale where they get “recalled” to Henrik, but if you’re going back to the Agents now that’s still some very nasty fights away (should probably have put a failsafe debug command on that trigger). The game should be soloable assuming Henrik has the best equipment and plenty of potions, so you could just give them up for dead.

      • Thanks, that was a fast reply!

        Guess i’ll just reload instead of going solo. I hate challenge.
        By the way, i THINK i hired the gnoll AFTER doing the tombs, and he’s the only one not in the fire pit… he seems to be stuck between two obelisks in another test area to the east. Don’t think it matters, just sayin’.

  5. Comment now split so maybe it will let me post it.
    Wow, just wow. I’ve played many, many RPG type games on Warcraft 3 over the years, but never before have I come across one that had so much care put into so many different little aspects of it. This game has so very much to offer, and all kinds of great meta to work on, and a keeper of secrets who I fed as many items as possible to just to see what dialogue might take place.
    Really about the only thing I can complain about is how your allies are forced to follow you. I don’t think I missed any of the allies you can get in the game…even bought one before getting some high end equipment, and I had a serious train following me around that could sometimes be troublesome to get around in tight spaces. It got way out of control with the extra bonuses you can get for the final battle as well, especially when I tended to have 12 wolves following me around too.
    You end up with so many allies if you’re really careful like I am that half of them might never manage to hit an enemy because it dies, especially since every single one is a melee type character. I managed to keep all of them alive with some potion swapping for escaping to the final battle, but it was a bit disappointing how quickly every single one was obliterated.

    • It might have worked better if some of them were set to keep respawning and running in to automatically do their thing like the regular forces that keep coming in since the damage you are taking makes even keeping just your primary hero alive a daunting task even using lifestealing and keeping piles of whale statues all over the place.
      This map still has quite a bit for me to experience in terms of meta content though thanks to some strategic saves. I don’t recall exact values, but I think at the end I had 13 hours 57 minutes with a score of about 64k and found 20 secret shells out of who knows how many. If I’d known about equipment scores I might have swapped to something stronger than the lifestealing item. Never did figure out what to do with the special item from the tomb or got to check a suspicion about possibly doing something with the 5 epic loots I got, but I kind of stumbled into the final room anyway starting the final battle. The two diamonds I became paranoid about will haunt me forever unless I look into a particular special quest line though, darn you keeper of secrets! I was so ready to visit the city of the sphinxes though, I was so sad I couldn’t go down those stairs. Now excuse me while I keep trying to figure out where to buy a ring…
      I guess there was a bit of a bug, though saving and then reloading fixed it. For a while my torch stopped functioning in the very dark region though weaponry still shed light. I had to keep hitting the escape menu to instantly fully light everything to look around until the reload. It never happened again after that though.

      • Well, allies were a bit of an afterthought. They weren’t really intended to be collected like that; ultimately, it’s a solo adventure with one or two as you feel like. I should probably have made a party system where you got to pick only two companions and left the rest at home, but it was years ago now. I probably made This Wreckage before Mass Effect set that kind of action-RPG precedent.

        WC3′s lighting system is a bit crap; even on Highest setting, you can only have four lights active in one area, so if you have too many emitters among your peeps then it is pot luck which ones win out. I think Erika’s light ring is the strongest emitter in the map and so possibly the most reliable, but don’t quote me on that.

        13 hours ain’t bad, all things considered. That’s more hours of fun than most modern AAA games!

  6. Do I need much ram? Because I really want to play this map but I don’t have any better available PC. Now I can only access 500 MB one. (I’m away from home so I can use only this poopy one)

    • Shouldn’t need much more RAM than to run any other map. There aren’t any blazing custom systems to chew up the processor, and the map is only 160×160… Though I did hit the doodad limit. It might struggle in the finale, but you should be safe enough before that. It’s worth a try, at any rate.

  7. Finished for the 2nd time … !
    This time’s score ( most important ones )
    Wild animals killed : 1329
    Points score : 44298
    Last weapon : Rune blade
    Last shield : Feral Shield
    Money saved : 549 :D
    Quests done : 46
    Shells found : 13 ( found all last time haha ! )
    Time spent playing :
    HOURS : 10
    MINUTES: 46
    SECONDS : 23

  8. haha i wanna know some things i feel its a bit bad to know dude , if u dont want to say tell me ! you say gary numan inspired me at end of the map and changed your life ,, are you f ollowing atheism now ?
    Oh yeah also , how many secret shells are there ?
    How many quests are there?

  9. you know mate i know its annoying when it keeps saying much comments (but srs ur map rocks ) i would really like to be such a great guy like u and u teach me how to make a map like this wreckage? i want you to teach me how to be a great map maker

    • Whatever I might have or have had cannot be taught. Play other people’s maps and understand why you enjoy them… Then find your own way regardless. The scattered words in my blog might point the way, but I don’t really expect them to. I just say what I see, and what I see is often not what others see. I just make what I want to make, and it is often not what others want… But, sometimes it is, and that’s when it matters. “Go forth and make maps” is all the wisdom I can impart: learn not by listening, but by doing. Feel your way.

      • but sometimes you have to learn before feeling like sometimes u feel ( how the futk do i open that map editor ???? ) XD Sometimes u feel ur so dumb that u cant do any shiet ,, but nice words and ty xD

  10. 3 questions bro !
    1st : why did u leave wc3 and this wreckage modding … its great !

    2nd : How came the F i got all sea shells but nothing happend !

    3rd : What is the thing that melts the ice ( to get that sealed sword in the mountain )

    4th : I want to know when i got anna , i got her to city and she got arrested ! what would happen if i kept her all 2 days ? would she be in my team or what ? waiting u

    • 1. Because I’d been modding WC3 for ten years, I had quite comprehensively exhausted its appeal. The future lies elsewhere.
      2. You have to take them somewhere.
      3. There is a burning rock hidden in the underground.
      4. She would join you again for the finale against Five.

      • Oh wait for god sake …. for
        2- I take them at this place near the 2 murlocs in the underground at the bridge that comes out and it will give me 1wish !!!
        look dude from the greatness of ur map i still remember that , he will make me have a choice like ( get a love ! erika will love me ) epic quest ! ( that one at the ice chamber , ( alot of money ( 10k :D ) something else i dont remember ! but serious thank you very much for makin such a great map duuuuuDE!

  11. Dude hell yeah i love ur map and i finishd it once but i swear am playing it again , am so sad u left wc3 editing as u said ude ! get back to this wreckage , you can add more things to it and i have alot of ideas for this cool project dude ~! seriously it rocks !

      • but no dude ! its not best to leave things , this wreckage is a cool map ! you can add in it this wreckage 2 when he killed zero already and now you can build a city and protect it , also add more quests and make this whole this wreckage 1 as an island and now henrik is the king of it , and then you make 1 more island at the other side of the sea , which will has more quests and mystrious things happening , seriously i have alot of good ideas dude but i just need a pro wc3 map maker like you rao dao zao , dont miss this chance dude you can do great things brother …. this wreckage can be turned into a single player game with deadly shits and you just need a company to look at ur idea , ,,,, you can seriously make it a pro map dude !

  12. Hey i have a little problem i picked up your map recently and have been playing it like mad before i get to the problem I want to say the amount of work and quality you put into this map is mind blowing and now the problem i just got to the cave part and everything is pitch black for me i cant see a thing i also have tried the ring and the torch nothins seems to work any idea on how to fix it?

  13. He there i have been loving your map so far but i just got to the cave part and its all pitch black i cant see a thing when i have the tourch out and the ring from the side quests any idead how to fix it?

    • You’ll need to go to your WC3 settings and put the “Lighting” setting on “High”. Unfortunately WC3 isn’t very good at lighting effects; lower settings just switch off the lights, so you end up with the total blackness instead of nicely glowing items.

      • Yeah it fixed the problem thank you and sorry for the double posts I didn’t think the first one got posted anyway amazing map and I’m happy to see you still support it.

      • Well, it is still my baby. I won’t be fixing any bugs, but I’m always happy to answer questions as best my failing memory can. :)

  14. Hi… Im really confused on how to download it.. i tried both options, (Skydrive and Dropbox) and i dont know what to do, cause it says Open wit Winrar or whatsoever… i dont really know what to do.. i love ur games especially Wtfsa, which i had completed sveral times… please can u help me download Thiswreckage?? please pretty please?? Thanks!

    • Download the ZIP file, then let it open in WinRAR (or whatever) and you can drag the W3X out from there. I’d recommend using the Dropbox link, because Skydrive is weird — it’s only there as a fallback because of that time Dropbox cut me off for a couple days.

  15. Hi,

    really love your map. Glad such things exist for wc3.

    Just a few comments from a not finished playthrough. My guess would be that None of the ideas will be supplemented in this map, but hey you never know.


    - Some Information written here (controls) could be added in the Journal or a seperate part. I got a direct DL for this map and never really saw this page until 2/3rds into the game. Camera switching would have helped so much (as well as quicksave Overall) during the Obelisk riddle.

    - My Lantern/Torch do not shed any light any more (playing in -OpenGL). Maybe this could be the Problem. Pure energy weapons/shields (green lighting) still work though (kinda expensive to get 2-3 guys going with it though)

    - Quest items and full inventory. Even though I find the idea interesting (backpack) I do dislike the Management of the items. Quest items are not picked up if my Basic invent (not backpack) is full. I do not get a message (like weapon swap or drop) when I “have” to drop the quest item. I had to walk around quite some time to pick up lost quest items. Really annoying, to the Point that I had to take breaks from the map.
    Maybe you wan’t to take a look at the dota “chicken” mechanic. When the invent is full it Drops and immediately picks it up to craft items. So even a full invent can craft stuff.
    Weapon swap (backpack) and weapon (drop) (backpack full) could be a bit clearer (maybe a clear Sound if it Drops or a read font coloer instead of a yellow one)

    - Automatic stacking is another small issue. It works only if there is 1 space free in the backpack to stack all the staffs/thunder/etc. Again the dota “chicken” mechanic could be a smooth solution here.

    - I was quite confused which of the 2 Major murloc Settlements was which. It was told once somewhere and I forgot. The only help was the blue Scholar. Maybe some Murloc saying, welcome in “xxx” when you enter it or so. So you instantly know where you are and will remember it easier.

    - I still have to find the entrance for the Sandbank.

    - Whats the purpose of the “Arena” at the “Harbour”. Some Monsters disappear from the selection after I defeat them with some interesting Gold Bonus (well +100 total per win) others don’t and don’t give any Gold (just a Money sink). I fought some of the Monsters multiple times, but nothing happened and I defeated each Monster once. Did I miss something?

    - Due to the inventory problematic, some items are carried by my companions. Now, when I give a quest item to a quest giver, sometimes it works sometimes not. The forgotten murloc scripts did not work when given to the Scholar from a companion. So I had to reload do the whole walk again, rearrange my inventory to be able to pck it up and then give it to the quest giver. Again annoying.

    Don’t get me wrong. This map is awesome. But my Feeling is that you are somewhat of a perfectionist as I am. :)

    Looking Forward to read your replies.

    • This map’s development was closed a long time ago, it’s more than three years old now and I have moved on to other things. There will be no more updates.

      - This is the only official download location; if you got it anywhere else it’s a scam and I can’t even guarantee that you have the latest version.
      - I don’t quite get how the energy sword’s light could be functioning while the lantern does not; it’s the same stuff under the bonnet. Is your WC3′s “Lighting” setting on Medium or Low rather than High? WC3 is quite flaky with its lighting at the best of times.
      - I felt that all the item models were large and obvious enough that you’d notice them immediately (either during the cinematic or on moving). Perhaps not.
      - The backpacks can’t stack with a full inventory as this would then allow you to use all items from the backpacks. It’s an unfortunately limitation of WC3, and having the backpacks able to use items would have opened up whole other worlds of pain.
      - Each one gives a one-shot message on first entry. Since they’re both frequent points of interest I would never want to spam a message every time you entered, as this would be far too often.
      - The sandbank with Perfect Chaos is accessed via a ramp that appears next to Edouard when the time is right. The sandbank with Kelljn appears… somewhere in the swamp that I can’t remember, fairly near where you found the Lost Captain if I recall correctly.
      - The arena is just for fun. Grind experience and money (or Rhinosaurs if you’ve got the cull quest hanging around).
      - I’m sure I put all the event responses as “Unit owned by (Player 1)” rather than making them unit-specific. Even so, you’d only need to walk back out of the activation radius (usually 256 or 384 so not far in real money) and back in with the item in the correct place, rather than reload and do the entire section again. And if it’s based on placing the item in the unit’s inventory, the unit giving the item makes no difference and there must be a different issue.

  16. i have heard many things about ur map nd now i m jst as curious to play it so m downloading nd getting the taste of it as well…
    But i wud like to thank you personally coz der are very few map developers out der for warcraft..
    nd you are doing that job d best…
    keep up the gud work..
    you definately won urself a loyal fan…
    Cheers… !!!

    • To be fair, I have tried to leave WC3 modding a few times… But it’s got the perfect balance of reach and flexibility, so I keep falling back.

      I’m just glad to see there are still players!

  17. Awesome!! You know what i think it takes alot of skill and determination to make a map like this… I hope you become a game designer (if you aren’t already) cause its amazing even more so if you did it all by yourself..

    • Well, game design’s a tough business to get into so I doubt this’ll ever be more than a hobby. Then again, with increasingly widespread and affordable bedroom developer tools, maybe one day… :)

  18. Don’t want to be rude, but IS Shatter going to happen? I grew up with your maps, and I was always curious.

    • It exists in some form as part of an on-going complete rewrite of the trilogy, but it’s unlikely to ever be made; at least, not without full remakes of the other two (not gritty remakes, though). I think a novelisation of the rewrite is more likely at this stage, unless there’s an up-and-coming game studio with an appetite for a new creative director.

      Also, “I grew up with your maps,” oh god I’m so ollllllllld…

      • I was seven when I started playing and now I’m fifteen! Also, I WAS going to novelise This Wreckage, but the cutscenes kept screwing up and skipping every single bit of dialogue. Do you know what the problem is?

      • You pressed escape? I used silent sound effects of the correct length so the text stays up for long enough, so I guess there could be a sound setting in WC3 (or your sound card?) that causes it to misinterpret those…

      • Ok, thanks. It was doing it for Y4 as well, but it was perfectly alright for the start of the maps.

      • Weird. I know This Wreckage can manifest a lot of strange engine bugs the further through you get (and/or depending on how many times you save and load), but I’ve never heard of the dialogue disappearing before.

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