Blog 667: An Ode to Claptrap

I never understood why people didn’t like Claptrap. He’s warm and welcoming, a generous soul in a broken world full of murderous lunatics and viciously territorial wildlife.

I haven’t played Borderlands for ages, but I got the itch after crimbo and figured I’d reinstall it and have another go.

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Blog 666: Blood Knights

Well, maybe it’s poetic justice that Blog 666 ended up being about vampires. I take pains to avoid games about vampires because I generally find vampirism annoying; vampires are always horrendously overpowered and don’t make any ecological sense… But everybody else seems to be obsessed with them so they’re bloody everywhere. In the grim dark of the future– at least it’s not zombies, right?

On the other hand, the blurb for Blood Knights said “from the makers of Venetica” and, to be honest, if there’s anything that’s going to stop me from poking fun at grimdark blood-driven fantasy settings it’s going to be an oddball German RPG.

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Blog 665: Mechs & Mercs: Black Talons

Ah yes, the middle-tier title. Mechs & Mercs: Black Talons‘ name alone caused me to pick it out from the crowd as a potential crimbo target — I mean, everybody loves mechs and mercs are suitably sci-fi… As for Black Talons, well, that is the ridiculous tacticool part I can’t deny that I do enjoy now and again.

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Blog 663: Darksiders

Well, it is crimbo after all; it just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t get some games to play. I’ve been in the mood for some meaty third-person action-RPG… action… for a while now, narrowly staving off another replay of Venetica with my annual festiveĀ UT2004 campaign.

I had heard over previous years that Darksiders was supposed to be quite good, and while perusing potential gift ideas I spotted a double pack containing it, its sequel and all their DLC packs — so I made the call to Santa and he dutifully obliged. (Clearly I have been a good boy this year.)

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Blog 662: Welcome… to the Arena

Every day my game inches closer to functionality, but every day I realise anew the vast gulf between my dreams and my abilities.

The plan is to have built a fully armed and operational player-versus-bots deathmatch arena by the end of my festive holiday. Is it possible? This is, after all, the season where dreams come true.

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Blog 661: Sonic Heroes

I mentioned during my words about Sonic Adventure DX that Tails’ story was basically a redundant clone of Sonic’s because, well, they spend 99% of their time together. Cue Sonic Heroes some years later, where trios of our plucky protagonists are indeed forged into functional teams in a party-based interpretation of the Sonic canon.

Needless to say, I’ve never written about Sonic Heroes in more than passing either. Shall we?

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