Blog 590: Mass Defect

I have played, and spoken of the Mass Effect series many times before… But not for a while. I’ve only ever played Mass Effect 3 once (when the extended ending DLC came out, I only replayed the ending), but I can’t exactly dive straight into the final part of a trilogy, no sirree.

So, let’s go back to the beginning…

(Might be spoilers.)

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Blog 589: The Glory of the Late-90s FPS is a wonderful thing. All these late-90s FPSes, that I was too young and lacking in computing power to appreciate at the time, are suddenly available for extremely reasonable prices.

While I was just meandering around a while ago, I stumbled across Shogo – Mobile Armor Division and figured it’d be worth a punt some time in the future. I added it to my wishlist against the day I could be bothered.

Last weekend, it came on sale. As is always the way, I took the plunge.

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Blog 587: Dragonblog

They always say “never meet your heroes”, but I get the impression they should also say “never attempt to rebuild your heroes” because it invariably doesn’t work. I might gripe about bits and pieces of Skyrim but overall I enjoy it, though after 50-odd hours it gets a bit samey. The answer to such saminess? Why, an expansion pack!

The Dragonborn DLC is more than a year old now, but fuelled by a desire for just a bit more variety and not yet ready to drop this unhealthy but oh-so-addictive game, I was enticed to pick up this pack because it’s set on Solstheim, that same snowy place first brought to us in the Morrowind expansion pack Bloodmoon. A pack of which I enjoyed many elements, sure, though (guess what?) I found the frigid landscape just a teensy bit monotonous.

Oh well, that’s what disposable income is for. Let’s see if a little bit of mechanically-recovered Morrrowind magic can liven up the drab chill of Skyrim

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Blog 586: A Princess of Blogs

I recently found myself travelling on a seven-hour flight to Canada. Seven hours is quite a long time, especially combined with all the faffing about at check-in and security and duty free on top. But a trans-Atlantic holiday is a trans-Atlantic holiday and one must, if not travel light, then travel fairly middle-weight. That means no huge tomes — no Wheel of Time volumes, for example. (What a shame.)

After successfully passing probation at my current job, my employer kindly gifted me with a Kindle that I had no earthly reason ever to use, not being much of a world traveller and having cute netbook Astradyne reserved for Art on the commuter trains to Edinburgh.

A Kindle is, luckily, fair replacement for actual books when weight and centre of gravity become concerns, as in long-haul air travel. So all I needed was to find some e-books, and Project Gutenberg saw fit to furnish me with a text of elder aspect but recent interest…

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Aside 46: The Mer, The Myth


It’s always funny when the Stormcloaks don’t run away to the hills when they see me. By now, I am practically a god. I have a bedside cabinet full of legendary Daedric artefacts. Why are they in my bedside cabinet? Because I forged better stuff myself.

Maybe Oblivion got it right with level-scaling after all. It’s not so much that the bandits have all suddenly got glass armour, but rather, only the bandits bad-ass enough to acquire glass armour for themselves have the balls to take you on.

“You’re wasted on general infantry,” General Tullius told me. Erm, I can single-handedly wipe out entire legions of the enemy, are you sure you want to put me on small espionage missions…? I could just, y’know, singlehandedly win this war the old-fashioned way.